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Chair's Message

Message from Ralph Sprague

Ralph Sprague, Chair of BPHS Foundation

Bruce Peninsula Health Services Foundation, along with four other Grey Bruce Health Services Hospital Foundations, fundraises for GBHS “to keep good care close to home” in each of our communities.  Our Foundation is responsible for raising funds for both the Lion’s Head Hospital and Wiarton Hospital as well as assisting with capital equipment funding for our regional hospital in Owen Sound. This year, G.B.H.S. and the Five Foundations have joined together to hire a Philanthropy Officer. This individual, Jennifer Wright, will assist each foundation with developing a planned giving and major gift program to aid in meeting our financial targets.

Once again this has been a very busy and productive year. Our staff and volunteers have continued to plan, organize and run events to raise funds for both B.P.H.S.F.’s annual needs and the G.B.H.S. “the Hospital Campaign”.  It has been a very challenging year as the Peninsula’s share of the annual needs has almost doubled from that of last year’s to $1,038,430.00, plus our campaign commitment.  Now in the third quarter, it appears that even though we will not make this goal, we will come closer to meeting the financial target than originally anticipated thanks to the generosity of our communities.

The financial needs of our hospitals grow annually and we are grateful for your contributions, financial and otherwise. On behalf of Bruce Peninsula Health Services Foundation staff and Board of Directors I thank you all for your continued support and for all that you do to assist us in meeting the funding for the health needs of our communities.

There has only been one change in our Board membership this year, Kris Kreutzweiser completed a second three-year term as Treasurer and after six years of dedicated service has moved off the Board.  On behalf of the B.P.H.S.F. Board of Directors and staff, I thank Kris for her valued council, commitment and contributions to our Board.  At this time, I would like to introduce our new Board member, Al White.  Al was a partner with BDO prior to his retirement and worked with our Foundation as an auditor in the past. He now brings his years of financial expertise to our Board as Treasurer. On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of B.P.H.S.F., I welcome Al and look forward to his guidance and support in moving our Foundation forward into the future.

Ralph Sprague, Chair of BPHS Foundation