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nurse provides care for baby at Wiarton Hospital

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Our Current Needs


There is a constant need for new and updated medical equipment to diagnose and care for patients. Medical equipment is very specialized, and the technology changes rapidly. Much of the equipment needs to be replaced about every seven years. Across the six hospitals, GBHS requires approximately $6-10 million annually to keep its facilities and equipment up to date.  Through the generosity of our communities, the Foundations pay for equipment and upgrades at their local hospital, and also contribute to larger, regional services used by residents across Grey Bruce.  Each foundation realizes the importance of supporting our regional hospital in order to keep specialized care, advanced diagnostics, cancer care, etc. close to home.

The 2016/17 Capital List of highest priority equipment needs of Grey Bruce Health Services has been presented to the Five Foundations of GBHS and the hospital auxiliaries with a request for funding. As is the trend, the list of needs is extensive and expensive, and includes priorities specific to each of the six GBHS Hospitals, as well as, Corporate and Regional needs. Bruce Peninsula Health Services Foundation, GBHS - Lion's Head Hospital Auxiliary and GBHS - Wiarton Hospital Auxiliary will work in partnership to provide assistance in the funding the amount of $1,038,430.

As part of the $11.4m "Hospital Campaign" (for local and regional cancer and cardiac care), the 2016/17 commitment for the Peninsula's share is $100,000.


Below we have listed some of the priorities:

GBHS - Wiarton Hospital Needs


  • Patient Televisions - $46,089
  • Ceiling Lifts - $15,400
  • Pediatric Cart - $4,500
  • Vein Viewer - $5,600
  • Hematology Analyzer - $60,000
  • Infection Control Mobile Tent - $6,000
Total - $137,589


GBHS - Lion's Head Hospital Needs

  • Nurse Call Bell System - $52,963
  • Arjo Tub - $19,963
  • Portable Wireless Digital CR Xray System - $180,000
Total - $252,956

Corporate Needs - $334,605

Regional Needs - $313,310


Our communities have a strong  philanthropic spirit, and the donations we raise together keep our facilities as state-of-the-art as possible while providing our healthcare professionals with the equipment they need to provide excellent healthcare close to home.

The cost of new medical equipment is the responsibility of our hospitals and their communities. We strive to provide our physicians, nurses and technologists with the best equipment to diagnose and treat patients. Medical equipment and technology is constantly changing and improving.