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Doctor helping a young patient with a broken arm at Wiarton Hospital

Help Us Keep Care Close to Home

Leave a Legacy

Make quality health care a part of your life story by leaving a gift to support Grey Bruce Health Services' Wiarton Hospital and or Lion's Head Hospital in your estate plan.

Your legacy gift is a testament to what you believe. If you share our vision for quality care available close to homw, you can help ensure your hospital continues to be there for family, friends and neighbours - when they need it most.

Your Legacy Gift Will:

  • Provide stable funding to meet the needs of patients for the long term.
  • Help purchase life-saving medical equipment.
  • Enable our physicians, nurses and technical staff to provide the best care possible with the state of the art diagnostic and medical equipment.
  • Help attract the medical professionals we so desperately need on the Bruce Peninsula.

Ways to Give

There are as many ways to give a legacy gift as there are needs to be met! Your donation may be outright, providing funds for immediate use, or it may be planned now for a future date. Some options for giving include;


Wills & Bequests                          Life Insurance                           RRSPs & RRIFs                  

Securities                                      Endowments                            


Leaving a legacy gift is an act that is generous, powerful and suprisingly simple! It enables you to leave a larger gift than is possible during your lifetime, while staying in control of your assets. A charitable gift in your Estate plan also helps eliminate income tax payable upon your death.

You don't need to be wealthy to help! your legacy gift of any amount joins together with others to make an incrdible future impact. Each gift is treated with the utmost care. Leaving a legacy is simple. Talk it over with your loved ones, then speak with your lawyer about drafting or revisiting your Will, or adding a Codicil.

Every gift makes a difference.

Thank You!

Our Caring for Tomorrow Society rocognizes those who plan legacy gifts. You are under no obligation to tell us about your gift, but we would like to acknowledge your thoughtfulness and welcome you into this gourp of committed and passionate supporters. If you prefer, your gift can remain anonymous.

If you plan to leave a gift in your Will or other legacy, please complete and send us your Legacy Gift Reply Form.

We Can Help

To find out more about making a Legacy Gift to supoort GBHS Wiarton Hospital and or Lion's Head Hospital, please contact us. We would be delighted to work with you and your advisors to arrange a gift that best suits your objectives.                       

Bob Light's Legacy


Click here to learn about an extraordinary gift given by an extraordinary man.



      We are proud to partner with Bayshore Broadcasting in their Healthy Tomorrows Campaign of radio messages encouraging everyone to plan a legacy gift for your local hospital.

Willard VanderPloeg                                                                                                              Charitable Giving Advisor                                                                                 (519)376-2121 ext. 2736 or (519)534-5856



Beverley Boswell
Executive Director


This information provides a brief overview on planning a gift to Bruce Peninsula Health Services Foundation. The information is general in nature and is subject to change according to individual circumstances. you should always consult your own professional advisors for detailed inforamtion tailored to your own circumstances and to confirm applicable tax benefits.