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Willard VanderPloeg - Charitable Gifting Advisor

Grey Bruce Health Services and it's Five Foundations have partnered together to help supporters realize their Legacy Giving plans.

Willard VanderPloeg is now working as Charitable Giving Advisor to promote Legacy Giving and assist donors in planning Will bequests and other special gifts in support of GBHS Hospitals in Centre Grey, Meaford, Owen Sound, Southampton, Wiarton, and Lion's Head.

"Planning a future gift in your Will helps ensure that your hospital stays well equipped to serve the next generation." Willard said. "I can't think of a better legacy to leave your family, friends and neighbours than good health care, close to home!"

Willard worked from 2002 through 2017 as Development Officer for the Owen Sound Regional Hospital Foundation, raising funds through legacy and major gifts as well as growing its Caring for Tomorrow Endowment Fund. Previously he travelled throughout BC, Manitoba, northern and southwestern Ontario - advising clients and donors regarding estate, succession and charitable gift planning on behalf of more than 70 Canadian charities.

Willard has more than 25 years experience in the charitable sector and in estate and gift planning. He has a BA in Business Administration from McMaster University and Redeemer College. He is a long time member of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners.

If you have been thinking about making a special gift, Willard is available to help you. Call him at (519)-376-2121 ext. 2736.

Email: Willard VanderPloeg


What Is Planned Giving

Gifts to your local hospital Foundation generally occur in two ways:
1) Regular or annual gifts
2) Planned Gifts that will continue for future generations

Both are important for the current needs of our local hospital and also for longer term needs. Longer term planned gifts should not replace annual or regular donations.

Planned Giving in its simplest form is gift planning. It is the process of designating a charitable gift so a donor can support their local hospital while maximizing tax and other financial benefits.

Planned Giving is a thoughtful way to support the accessibility of equipment and services at your local healthcare facility.

Planned Giving is an opportunity to make a lasting contribution without affecting your current financial status.

Interested in Planned Giving?

For more information on Planned Giving you can click on any of the links to view our Forms. If you wish to receive the Gifts of Publicy Traded securities form please contact our office directly. Call Bruce Peninsula Health Services Foundation office at 519-534-5856 to talk to Bev Boswell or send us an email to We would be more then happy to mail you a package or discuss options in further detail with you.

About Legacy Giving

Registered Savings Plans
Life Insurance

Benefits to the Donor

Along with knowing that your gift to your local Foundation office will assist in supporting and continuing healthcare well into the future, you also...

Make a difference in the lives of future generations.

Know you have made the best use of your money.

At your choice, you may be recognized in a special way.

Ensure your estate is settled according to your wishes.

Will receive any tax benefits or advantages permitted within government guidelines.


Bob Light's Legacy


Will your children and grandchildren have the medical equipment they might need?  You can ensure they will by following the example of Robert Clarence Light.  A Last Will & Testament ensures the possessions and assets you have worked hard for throughout your lifetime, will go where you wish.  Bob Light did just that!  Bob passed away in June 2015 leaving legacies to three charities, near and dear to his heart.  One such charity, which has benefited from Bob’s insight into planned giving, is Bruce Peninsula Health Services Foundation.    

Bruce Peninsula Health Services Foundation is a charitable organization that raises funds to assist in meeting the health care needs of the Bruce Peninsula area by raising funds for priority hospital projects to keep our hospitals current.  You may not know it, but there is almost no government funding for hospital upgrades or medical equipment.  What you undoubtedly do know is that there is a constant need for the purchase of new and updated medical equipment to diagnose and care for patients in well-equipped hospitals.  Hospitals count on their communities – on you – for support to keep care close to home.  Each year hundreds of thousands of dollars are required to meet just the highest priority equipment needs.  The 2016/17 Capital Priority list for the Peninsula is $1,038,430!  Thanks to Bob’s gift, the impossible may have just been made possible!

Bob was well aware of the annual needs of Grey Bruce Health Services as he was an active member of the board of directors of Bruce Peninsula Health Services Foundation at the time of his passing.  Bob shared his expertise on policy and procedure writing with the Foundation.  Although some might find this work dry, Bob often cautioned that he may insert something totally bizarre to safeguard that people were paying attention.  Bob’s preference was to make his contributions in his quiet manner and he also filled in as Chair of Foundation meetings, as necessary.  Through his involvement with the Foundation, Bob was a member of the Peninsula Hospital Campaign Cabinet, a committee working on the $11.4 m campaign for local and regional cancer and cardiac care for GBHS.  He had also previously served as a member of the Board of Directors of GBHS and even after the completion of his board term he continued to volunteer at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital until his passing.  As you can see, contributing to healthcare was very important to Bob.  Bruce Peninsula Health Services Foundation considers itself very blessed that Robert Clarence Light cared enough about healthcare in our community to make a difference.

There are many opportunities that you can take advantage of to leave a legacy.  For example, you could purchase a life insurance policy benefiting your charity on your passing or you could make a donation of publicly traded securities, now or in your will.  Speak to your legal and financial advisors to determine the best option for you and discuss the tax benefits made possible by such a gift.  If Bruce Peninsula Health Services Foundation can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us at 519-534-5856.

BPHS Foundation is very grateful for Bob’s generous donation.  He will be fondly remembered for his commitment to our community both during his lifetime and beyond.  Thank you, Bob, for remembering Bruce Peninsula Health Services Foundation.  Thank you for leaving a legacy which will benefit healthcare in our community.   Gone but not forgotten – your legacy lives on Bob!

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Thank you for your interest in making a difference in local healthcare for generations to come!